Paws for Smiles, Inc. 

Heartwarming Stories 
and Pictures


Pogo visited Joe every Wednesday for 3 years, Joe could only move one part of his body, his left arm, which was just perfect to stroke Pogo.  Joe could not speak, but Pogo didn't mind, they shared an unspoken love for each other that you could see in Joe's eyes at each visit.  When Joe passed away last year, his family invited Pogo and handler, Jana, to the viewing and funeral.  Pogo brought comfort to Joe's wife and five daughters in their time of need.  Joe was buried with three pictures in his casket, one was his wedding picture, one was Joe with his wife and children, and this picture of Pogo snuggling into Joe's neck.

Matt and Pogo became fast friends on the first day of his visit to help Mrs. Benson's 2nd grade class (click to read thank you letters from kids) with their reading skills.  After all the children took turns reading to Pogo, several children gathered around Pogo for some extra snuggles.  Matt told all the other kids that Pogo was his best friend, and then asked if he could read Pogo another story.  He wanted to read to Pogo 'just for fun!'.  Another child went from Hooked on Phonics to 'real' books after just one visit.

The husband of this woman told us that his wife had not smiled in five years because of all the pain she was in.  She passed away the following day, but at least Pogo was able to relieve her pain for a little while before she died. 

Every Wednesday when Pogo visits Evelyn, she calls him her 'boyfriend' and whispers sweet nothings in his ear :-)

Mandy (the dog) would run into Skippy's (the resident) room every week, so they could have a hug session.  You can tell from this picture that they enjoyed it equally.  Mandy and Skippy are together in heaven now, and I'm certain they continue to hug  and love each other.