Paws for Smiles, Inc.

 Evaluation Rules:


  1. YOU MUST BE ON TIME for scheduled evaluations.  We are on a strict schedule with our testing facility. If you are late, you will not be allowed to test on that day, and will have to re-schedule.

  2. If you can't make your scheduled evaluation, please call and let us know as soon as possible. We have very limited slots available for testing, and we may be able to fill your slot if you call early enough.

  3. Dogs MUST get along with other dogs.  During the evaluation, your dog may be in close quarters with many other dogs.  No aggression will be tolerated.  There is a difference between aggression and a dog not wanting another dog in their face, the evaluator will make the judgment.  Please try to keep your dog no closer than within two feet of other dogs at all times.

  4. Dogs MUST be clean.  If they have a 'doggie odor' even after a bath, you can use a fabric softener sheet over their coat to add a pleasant scent or try using baby powder in long coats.  Dogs with brachiocephalic (pushed in) noses, can have an odor from the folds, please take extra care to clean them.

  5. Please observe the TDInc. rule concerning heavy perfume or after shave use.  Our tester is very sensitive to perfumes as are many patients.

  6. Absolutely NO cell phone use.

  7. We recommend you don't carry a purse into the facility, if needed, please use a fanny pack to carry essentials.  If you bring a purse, you must leave it with the receptionist during visitations or keep in your car.

  8. Dogs nails must be as short and smooth as possible, we recommend they be trimmed and filed at least every other week.  A dremel filing tool, is a wonderful investment to keeping nails short and smooth. 

  9. Please click on:  download, print out and bring with you TDInc. Member Application, Release of Claims Form, Current year TDInc. test and the Test Evaluation form.  The member application must be taken to your vet for his/her signature.  You also need to bring proof of current rabies vaccine and negative fecal exam to your first observation, a print out from veterinarian is best.

  10. If the facility or program you are interested in visiting requires the Canine Good Citizen test, click here for general information.  Click here for actual test item information.

Distinction of Therapy Dogs from Service Dogs:

Therapy dogs registered with Therapy Dogs Inc. are so named because they provide a therapeutic benefit to the general public.

Service dogs are trained to give direct assistance to the disabled allowing their owners to function independently and are recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which gives them public access rights.

The Board of Directors of TDInc., recognizing this distinction in the mission of these two categories of working dogs, has decided not to seek approval of public access rights for TDInc. dogs. Handlers must not misrepresent TD Inc. registered dogs as Service Dogs unless the animal does assist the handler as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.