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Obedience Training




Jade showing off her jumping ability.



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Class Calendar

Classes available:

Puppy Kindergarten - 5 weeks - $75        Classes forming now

  This class is for puppies 10-20 weeks of age.  We will go over puppy problems,

   including jumping up, biting, housebreaking and many others.  It will start your puppy

   on basic obedience commands, sit, down, come and stay.  We will also have play

   time, trick training, agility playtime and socializing.  Classes are held outside, under cover.

Materials needed for class:  A chair for human to sit on, bite size - soft treats for puppy (like Puperoni,  cheese or turkey hot dogs) and your puppy, of course.  Puppy should be on a buckle type collar, no choke collars allowed and no flexi (retractable) leashes.

Beginner Class - 6 weeks - $85         Classes forming now

   For any dog, mixed breed or pure bred, 5 months and up. 

   This class will cover basic obedience commands, sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, coming

   when called.   Class size is kept to a minimum so it can be tailored to the needs of the individuals in

   class.  Whether you are interested in just having a well behaved family member or you are

   interested in competing in obedience or rally trials, this class is for you. 


Location of Puppy and Beginner classes:

   Animal Recreation & Rehabilatation Center

   2670 S. Flamingo Road

   Davie, FL  33330

Private Lessons (call for prices)

    In home training sessions.  Working with all family members to ensure

   that everyone uses the same commands when training.

Canine Good Citizen and Canine Community testing also available.     

Please call or email for information on what to bring to class and for further information.  



                                                      Jana Thomas

                                                      Phone: 954-436-6551

                                                      Email: Training@PawsForSmiles.org